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UC Group has performed a Strategic Road Map to increase on-site safety as well as significant capacity growth in the following ten years, including high-level timelines and investment budgets. This first phase of the project was performed in an intensive 12-week program with bi-weekly workshops with customer representatives and UC Group consultants.

After delivery of the Strategic Road Map and the future design of end-ofline production and warehouse layout, the roll-out of the plan has been done by a joint project team of Irish Distillers and UC Group, in which UC Group has (among others) performed roles like:

  • IT project management for MES implementation
  • Data analysis of volume growth figures (on a yearly base) to validate plans with updated reality
  • Support on RFQ for mechanisation supplier selection
  • Validation of selected solution for implementation against Strategic Road Map philosophy
  • Analysis & advice on safety and flows of yard truck movements
  • Storage requirement analysis for further growth based on volume growth figures


  • Implementation plan including ten year planning & investments
  • No additional bottling plant required to achieve growth figures (investments over € 20 million)
  • Focus on improving and extending existing site within the organisation
  • Resulting in significant operational logistics costs saving (exceeding 15%) and performance increase (factory output will be increased with factor 2,5)


To what size can we increase the maximum output of our plant and corresponding warehouse, taken safety into account as the highest priority and what high-level programs are to be rolled out to realize this?
The customer was facing a WMS implementation to separate ERP and warehouse activities but had no insight in the long term impact of warehouse and production processes compared to the significant yearly growth. Even an  equivalent bottling plant was one of the options for the future. To be able to determine the road map for the following ten years, UC Group has been asked to advise on production and logistics processes, safety measurements and business cases.

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Data analysis Change management & team alignment
  • IT project / implementation management Analysis & advice regarding on-site safety & transport flows
  • Consultancy on planning & forecasting for production and warehouse processes
  • Setup of line change-over matrix Setup of process capacity model per process activity

During every step of the process, the IDL team has been involved and challenged in the next steps, to make sure the local team fully supported the selected solution. This is performed by (off-site) workshops, shop floor visits and thorough data analysis.


During a very critical time the team of UC Group delivered us a clear strategic vision for the future by combining engineering and pragmatic implementation skills in planning and IT project management. Thank you for your help and looking forward your continue assistance.

Tommy Keane, Production Director, Irish Distillers